Scientists create fossil fuels with bacteria

Scientists have altered a biological process in bacteria so that they produce propane when breaking apart fatty acids. They hope to use this research to create propane with sunlight as a fuel source.

When it comes to our use of fossil fuels, one thing is clear: We are running out. This is a…

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ZTE hard at work on basic-looking smartwatch, New York intro possible

A fairly surprising name that could join the Android Wear arena soon is ZTE, with the Chinese possibly exploring a dirt-cheap sequel for the little known BlueWatch, unveiled back at CES 2014 and forgotten once the Las Vegas show wrapped up.

When Google first dropped the Android Wear bombshell,…

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Samsung plans 64-bit metallic A-Series phone as Galaxy Alpha reaches new territories

It looks like the (semi-) metallic Galaxy Alpha isn’t deemed a one-time affair by its manufacturers, as a second A-Series smartphone, this time with slightly humbler specs, has been sighted while doing the pre-release benchmarking dance.

When it rains, it pours. Granted, the drought’s been qui…

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The plot thickens: Google/HTC Nexus 9 to get Surface-like keyboard cover

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get juicier on the Google Nexus 9 front, the stock Android-running tablet allegedly produced by HTC jumped back into the headlines, towing an extra-productive optional keyboard cover along for the ride.

No reason to candy-coat it, Android slates, r…

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iPhone 6: Visa, MasterCard and AmEx backs Apple contactless payment system

Apple has been rumored to bring a new payment system that would debut with its iPhone 6, to take on Google Wallet and Samsung’s mobile payment services. Now a new report on Bloomberg confirms that Apple is indeed launching a new payment system and has made a lot of headway already.While Google W…

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Google lines up September 15 press event in India to further detail Android One

Hard at work on polishing Android L, enriching the possibilities of Android Wear and opening up Android Auto to the masses, Google doesn’t seem to have forgot about Android One either, and the platform may be further detailed in just two weeks.

Google has a dream. To cater to the diverse needs o…

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Moto X+1 shows its leathery rear at last, juicy pricing and availability intel surfaces

We’re only a few days away from an exciting Chicago-set press event where Motorola reportedly plans to unveil Moto X and G sequels in addition to finally launch the Moto 360, and the surprise factor is smashed to pieces.

The gorgeous Moto 360 smartwatch may have lost the ability to shock a long …

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