ARM continues growth as competitors struggle to catch up

Mobile chip designer has solid quarter and announced record number of licensees.

ARM continues to be the undisputed king of the mobile SoC space as its competitors play the impossible game of trying to catch up is the story ARM Holdings’ earnings report told Tuesday.
The chip designer reported …

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Microsoft’s earnings show a company in transition

Revenue is up, but hardware is proving to be a big drag on the company’s financials.

The rationale for the urgency in Satya Nadella’s big plan to transform Microsoft became apparent Tuesday as Microsoft released its earnings results for the fourth quarter.
The company reported $23.38 billion in…

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Samsung’s metal-clad Galaxy Alpha might be launched in limited quantities

Supply chain issues might be the cause for a limited launch of Samsung’s supposed metallic flagship, according to the Korean media.

Samsung may be working on finally giving a certain section of consumers what they’ve been clamoring for with the rumored metal-clad Galaxy Alpha, but…

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Nvidia announces the Tegra K1-powered Shield tablet, starts at $299

Nvidia’s latest Shield device will offer features like a low price tag, powerful hardware, and more than 400 optimized games, including graphics-heavy console titles like Trine.

Nvidia has officially announced the Shield tablet, following an exhaustive leak that left nothing to the…

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Apple reportedly gearing up for huge iPhone 6 demand, iPad mini ‘Air’ fall launch

Apple is expected to have quite a roaring holiday season, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal and Asian media, as the iPhone 6 and third-generation iPad mini could draw unprecedented public attention.

The iPhone 6 will be big, both literally and figuratively, there’s no question a…

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Samsung mocks unannounced iPhone 6 in ‘screen envy’ Galaxy S5 commercial

Samsung’s publicity tactics have come to routinely incorporate recurrent anti-Apple digs, but the latest Galaxy S5 commercial takes things to a whole new level, poking fun at an unreleased, unannounced iPhone.

For all we know, the iPhone 6 could be a big, fat fake. I mean, the iPhone 6, as r…

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