Huawei wins Apple-mocking challenge by pitting Ascend Mate 7 against iPhone 6 Plus

Time to pack up and leave the Apple-deriding ring for Samsung, Sony, HTC, Microsoft, Asus and OnePlus, as Huawei just pushed the iPhone 6 Plus on the ropes gasping for air with a simple, elegant yet deadly blow.

Comparing fresh iPhones, destined to sell in tens, maybe hundreds of millions of…

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NFC in iPhone 6 is only going to serve one purpose

And that is to power Apple Pay.

One of the most widely circulated rumors about the new iPhones was that they’ll come with NFC or Near Field Communication. At its September 9th event Apple didn’t touch on this subject when it unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After announcing…

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Dedicated Nexus 9 keyboard cover pictured, ETA tipped as early October

Whether it’ll roll out by the end of this month, as internal Nvidia documentation seemed to suggest, or get held up until October, Google and HTC’s Nexus 9 tablet will be a groundbreaker for the franchise in a number of ways.

Seeing as how the “pure Google” Nexus family last got a smartphone ref…

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HTC, Asus and Lenovo jump on the Android One bandwagon

Initially advertised as a program exclusively meant to bring some of the Nexus magic to budget-mindful audiences in emerging Asian markets, the Android One initiative could well spread to the developed West as soon as early next year.

Usually, when something seems too good to be true in the…

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LG G3 Stylus begins global rollout, G3 Beat arrives at Sprint and AT&T as G3 Vigor

If you thought staying on top of all LG G-series variations was difficult before, wait until you start seeing the G3 Stylus and G3 Vigor pop up on store shelves.

In addition to wisely borrowing and charmingly polishing the general design language of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and also finding…

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Micromax, Karbonn and Spice teases with September 15th launch of Android One devices

Remember the Android One program Google announced at its I/O developer conference this year? If you do, there’s some great news for you. The very first Android One devices will be making their debut soon and will be available for purchase the very same day they will be announced. How soon? On t…

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Dying BlackBerry brand clings to T-Mobile with the Passport

BlackBerry and T-Mobile’s relationship suffered a split earlier this year, when T-Mobile announced that it was going to stop selling Blackberry handsets. The reason behind the split was said to be lack of demand for BlackBerry handsets from the consumers. But a new leaked picture posted by O…

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