Why did Microsoft skip 9 and went straight to Windows 10?

If you’re one of the many few that are wondering why Microsoft chose to dub its latest OS Windows 10 then here’s perhaps an answer that may enlighten and give you a little chuckle.

A Redditor claiming to be a Microsoft dev has posted an explanation as to why we have Windows 10 and not 9.  Taki…

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Google Nexus 6 purportedly snapped in the wild running Android L

Leaked photos show Google’s upcoming Nexus flagship in the flesh, running on the yet unreleased version of Android.

There have been quite a few rumors and leaks surrounding the Nexus 6, which is shaping up to be the largest Nexus smartphone ever thanks to 5.9-inch screen, a drastic…

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Multisport watches can’t get much better than Garmin’s $450 Forerunner 920XT

Navigation equipment specialist Garmin is getting more and more aggressive about its prospects in the fledgling smart wearable market, unveiling the Forerunner 920XT less than a month after Vivosmart’s intro.

Misfit charges $49.99 for its newest fitness and sleep monitor, the Fitbit Flex starts …

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Microsoft intros Windows 8 follow-up, bizarrely dubs it Windows 10

Microsoft went the whole nine yards to turn the tables on the colossal flop that’s been Windows 8, but we’re guessing they didn’t want it to seem like the operating system reached its ninth and final life.

Over the course of its near-two-decade existence, the closed source platform that came to …

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‘Gapgate’ over? Samsung deems Galaxy Note 4’s gap a ‘feature’, not a defect

Yeah, sure, and iPhone 6’s fragility is also a “feature”, allowing the device to bend and curve in a way the LG G Flex can only dream of.

Whether you’re an Apple detractor who feels their iDevices are overpriced and overhyped, or the kind of dude who likes to keep a Steve Jobs poster over his be…

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Apple Watch to enter production in January, February launch now unlikely

You can forget about getting your special someone an Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day next year, or at least easily procuring an “iWatch” in time, as the wearable piece will barely start mass production in January, according to speculation out of Taiwan.

Rumors may be a dime a dozen nowadays in r…

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Development of next major iOS 8 updates has begun

Apple has reportedly started working on iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3.

It has merely been a fortnight since iOS 8 was finally released to the public. Apple demonstrated the new software at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2014 back in June and since then it has been in a lengthy beta stage…

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