Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare requires 6GB RAM and 55GB disk space

If you’re a Call of Duty fan, then it shouldn’t be surprising that the franchise’s recent releases are quite demanding on the hardware. Advance Warfare, due for launch on November 4, will hog even more PC resources than its predecessor.

According to Steam’s minimum system requirements, Advanced …

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Apple release iOS 8.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The update enables Apple Pay and brings a slew of bug fixes.
As Apple had promised, iOS 8.1 has started rolling out to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The biggest feature in iOS 8.1 is Apple Pay, which will let users pay for goods inside apps by swiping their finger over the fingerprint…

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Apple may not be interested in building an iMac with touchscreen display

Touchscreen all-in-ones are all the rage but Apple’s not interested it seems.

Apple’s new iMac with a 5K display comes after a long time that was filled with speculation about the future of the company’s all-in-one lineup. It is sticking around for sure and now that it brings…

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New Mac mini RAM is not user upgradeable

Turns out the RAM modules are soldered in the new Mac mini.

It has been a considerably long time since the Mac mini was updated and Apple finally came through earlier this week when it unveiled the new Mac mini. Now there’s nothing to write home about as far as the exterior design is…

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Pre-order iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 starting today

The new tablets can now be pre-ordered from Apple.

On October 16th Apple conducted its second major event of this year to unveil new hardware. At last month’s event we were treated to new iPhones, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. This time around tablets were on the agenda, as well as the…

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5K iMac can’t double as a standalone display

Such a shame that Apple didn’t update its Thunderbolt Display.

As you might have heard by now earlier in the week Apple took to the stage at One Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California to unveil some new products. Apart from launching the two new iPads the company also unveiled a new…

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Samsung Galaxy Golden 2 clamshell phone pictures and specs leak

The clamshell device is as feature-packed as Samsung’s 2014 Galaxy S flagship.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Golden in late 2013, a phone with a clamshell construction that was launched in select markets. In addition to its archaic form factor, the Galaxy Golden also featured rather …

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