Human tissue printing service now available to the public

Organovo has just made their human tissue 3D printing technology available to the public.
Dubbed the exVive3D, the 3D printer capable of printing out human liver tissue is now available to researchers that want to test their drugs and chemicals.  The printer itself, Organovo claims, eliminate …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shown running early Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware

The Galaxy Note 3 is the third Samsung device seen running an early build of Android Lollipop.

We’ve already seen videos of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 running on an unreleased version of Android 5.0, and now the folks over at SamMobile are offering a look at the latest version of Android …

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Samsung to produce majority of chips for Apple starting next year

The rivals are set to do business once again.

Samsung, which the world knows to be Apple’s nemesis, has long been a component provider for the company. Apple has sourced many components from the Korean giant, including but not limited to chips and display panels. It has been reported …

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Jolla puts ‘people powered’ tablet on Indiegogo, raises campaign goal in a few hours

May 2015 is when Finland-based Jolla estimates its first tablet will be shipped to early “sailors”.

While some say the age of the tablets is almost behind us, and the market is too over-flooded to leave room for growth for anyone that’s not Apple, both Nokia and Jolla are gearing up for their so…

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Apple opens up to UnionPay in China

UnionPay cards are now accepted as a payment option by Apple in China.

It goes without saying that Apple considers China to be one of its most lucrative markets. The company has already detailed a plan to massively increase its retail presence in the country. It is also working hard to get its…

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OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 fails to fix Wi-Fi bugs

Mac owners still facing Wi-Fi bugs after updating to the latest software release.

A couple of days back Apple released OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 update. The first line in the changelog mentioned that this release is going to fix Wi-Fi issues that many users are facing. Apple’s official…

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FSP Aurum PT 1200 – Exceptional Performance

Exceptional performance from a 1200W Platinum PSU without paying through the nose

The AURUM PT 1200 has 80 PLUS® Platinum certification, and features full industrial-grade Japanese capacitors and it is full modular.
With Intel Haswell certification and a unique airflow technology you are keep y…

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